Fulbright to India Guide – 2021-2022

Grant Payments

Grantees will receive their stipend payments and allowances in dollars in their U.S. bank accounts. The maintenance allowance stipulated in the grant authorization is for the duration of the grant.  The allowance is computed from the date of arrival in India and is pro-rated for the period spent in India.

If you do not complete your grant, the reduction to the maintenance allowance (and to the Base Stipend in case of senior scholars) is made according to your date of departure.

USIEF wires maintenance payments to your U.S. bank account. You may access the funds using automated teller machines (ATMs) in India.  To enable USIEF to transfer your funds, please furnish the following information regarding your U.S. bank account:

  • Account name: (to which you want the funds deposited, should be exact as per bank records)
  • Account Number
  • Name and address of the bank
  • Type of account (savings or checking)
  • ABA (American Bankers’ Association) Routing Number
  • If there is any intermediary bank, then all the above details of intermediary bank

Check with your bank whether you need to sign any document to receive direct deposits.  Also, please make sure you know your bank’s network (PLUS, Cirrus) and where that network has ATMs.  If your current bank is not part of an ATM network, please open an account with a U.S. bank which is part of an ATM network in India.  Remember to bring your ATM card and PIN with you.

USIEF will transfer funds to this account in dollars as per your entitlement every alternate month (e.g. in last week of January for the period of February until end March; in last week of March for the period of April until end May and likewise in the last weeks of May, July, September, and November for the following two months).  USIEF will also notify you whenever we deposit funds into your account.  The first transfer of funds for the initial cycle will be made 4-5 working days before your arrival in India. 

USIEF does not pay any further advances of the stipend to its grantees unless justified by compelling circumstances, such as a medical emergency or theft.

Since the last instalment of the allowance will be processed before the completion of your grant, it is essential that USIEF be informed at least two months in advance of the actual date of departure to allow time for computing and transfer.

The excess baggage allowance will be released only after submission of final report to IIE/CIES, as applicable, and to USIEF.

Grant Extension

USIEF strongly encourages grantees to complete their work within the stipulated time frame set out in the grant document.  However, in case grantees are unable to complete their work for reasons beyond their control, USIEF will provide a no cost extension for a maximum of one month.  The ASPE  health benefit provided through Fulbright-Nehru grant will be extended to cover the period of extension. 

Any grantee intending to seek an extension should send a written request addressed to the concerned U.S. Program staff at USIEF along with the following documents/details:

  • Period for which the extension is requested
  • One-page narrative on the work done on the approved proposal
  • Two or three paragraphs detailing the tasks to be undertaken during the extended period
  • A letter of recommendation from your academic supervisor or coordinator

The requests should be sent to USIEF two months before your grant expiration date.  USIEF will be able to inform the grantee within two weeks of receiving the request.

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