Fulbright to India Guide – 2021-2022


Creating a packing list that fits all grantees’ situations would be impossible. A word about what not to bring may be in order. In general it is a good idea to pack lightly. You will realize that you can find everything you may need for your stay at very reasonable prices in local markets. Do not bring expensive jewellery or objects of sentimental value.  Besides just a few low maintenance weather and season appropriate clothes, you may want to consider packing some the following:

  • Headlamp!!! So useful for the most random predicaments
  • Solar powered or crank powered flashlights
  • One sturdy pair of shoes
  • One light but warm jacket, think fleece or jean jacket which can be layered (Northern India grantess)
  • Any toiletries you are particular about – especially stick deodorants, conditioners, and floss. Usually about 3 of each will get you through
  • Gifts for homestays, teachers, friends, etc. (this can include souvenirs from your hometown)
  • Ziploc bags
  • Tampons or menstrual cup (highly recommended because of bathroom situations in India!!) – difficult to find in India
  • Duct tape
  • Pictures of your family and friends, or a calendar of home to put up in your room for when you get homesick
  • Any comfort food or snack or candy you love that will be difficult to find a replacement for (Such as: gummy candies which are rare and expensive in India, almond butter, gluten free snacks, any food you are particular about)
  • A few nice “going out” outfits for the few events with peers in social settings. Again, think modest but modern, too i.e.: skirts or heels, nice tops, blazer
  • A sleeping bag (can buy cheaper in India)
  • Clothes you want to keep
  • Overly fancy clothes
  • Revealing clothes
  • A lot of clothes (trust me – you will buy the ones you will wear most for cheap in India!!)
  • Peanut butter
  • Basic medicines (can buy cheaper in India)

Pack lightly!! (you can buy most things here for a lower price)

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